Are your ELECTRIC BILLS going thru the roof? Let's put some SUNSHINE in your POCKET!

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Get Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home



Get Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home

Join our many Satisfied Customers saving money with much smaller Electric Bills!


Join our many Satisfied Customers saving money with much smaller Electric Bills!




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 Welcome to my page; I do appreciate your time to check us out.  If you're in the market for solar for either home or office, then you're brilliant for stopping by. 

Perhaps by now you've done your research and have been contacted by numerous Solar Companies.  Perhaps at this point, you're just looking for a quote to get the best pricing. 

My brand is simple.....  Great products and the BEST installs for LESS!

I'm a Consultant for major brands, which means I don't work for only one Solar Company forcing their products down your throat; so that means you and I have many options! 

All we need to get started are the following items:
1)  Your last 12 months of kilowatt usage - or - copies of your Electric Bills from SoCal Edison
2)  Your Name & Address  (to google it and get the measurement of your roof)
3)  Your Email... (no, I won't share any of your personal info WITH ANYONE)
4)  Your Phone# in order to follow up with you and answer your questions

 * NO, I do not really need to come over to your house / office to pressure you into immediately signing a contract  
 ** I will set up a visit only when it's time, unless you schedule it sooner

This is NOT rocket science and I am a trained professional, so my wife of 38 years says!  My objective with you is to ask questions, actively listen, and analyze your solar needs in order to build the right system at the right price. 

I DO NOT have huge overhead, so my pricing is lower than most all other Solar Vendors.  I use the highest quality installers and it's all about THE INSTALL after the sale, right? No leaky roofs, looks nice and performs as planned / expected. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!  

Trust me, after years in this business and being with a few flaky Solar Companies, I've learned that the INSTALLATION IS EVERYTHING!!!  My margins are slim and I make up for it from your Referrals.  I feel the highest compliment for any business is when a Friend or Family member of yours was referred to me because of the job that I did for you.  


Solar Installers You Can Trust

 Being in the solar business since 2012, I've learned that diversity is #1 for my customers.  I have all the major brands of panels, inverters, and financing to assist with the specific needs of my customers.  I have many options / solutions to fit your available as well.  I'm not stuck with just one Company's Solar products and forced to sell their limited inventory.  I am The Solar Consultant that has access to the Top Companies carrying a wide variety of products for any sized project for both Residential or Commercial.

Bottom Line: The Customer ALWAYS Saves Money!

So call or email me with the requested information and I'll provide you with a timely, fair quote for getting you SOLAR SAVINGS right away! 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have Warranties on every aspect of the job.  Lets talk and see what is best for you. My email is:

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You will be glad that you chose us... TOM THE SOLAR GUY

We strive to be ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT in what we do!  From continual communication with our customers throughout the timely installation until the job is 100% complete and tested for the planned results.  Please contact us for an estimate by filling in the information above and pressing the "REQUEST A QUOTE" button.      Or call us at (951) 522-0822 for any questions about converting your home or business to solar.  We look forward to meeting your specific SOLAR NEEDS and SAVING YOU MONEY!

Tom The Solar Guy

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